About us

The "Development Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Maramures" (CDIMM Maramures Foundation) was established in the year 1994, on the initiative of a local group made up of the representatives of local authority, public institutions, representatives of local banks as well as representatives of local private companies. The foundation was established by the support granted by the PHARE Program of the European Union, as part of the R9207 Program, the first European program that directly addresses the sector of the small and medium size companies (SMEs) in Romania. The CDIMM Maramures Foundation was established as a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organisation.
The CDIMM Foundation has as its objective to support the development of the private sector of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), on local level, or through a branch. Also, the foundation supports the development of the local NGOs.

Since the beginning, CDIMM Maramures Foundation has been involved in many projects (more than 100 projects) aiming to support especially SMEs from Maramures County and other NGOs. We developed projects on different topics, such as: business development; tourism development, participation in fairs and exhibitions, business incubation, micro credits scheme, managerial education, innovation and technological transfer, information/ consulting for SMEs, IP promotion & advice, etc.
For the implementation of the projects, we cooperate with different national or international organizations located in Europe and USA, such as:

  • Romania - Maramures County Council; Baia Mare Town Hall; North West Regional Development Agency; Chambers of Commerce and Industries; Carpathian Foundation Romania; Business Innovation and Incubation Association Harghita; Center for Business Excellence Bucharest; Cluj Napoca North University;
  • Hungary - Local Enterprise Agency (Eger); EDFTC Szekszard;
  • Germany - Chamber of Commerce Trier; Leibniz University Hannover; TRIMM Gruppe Gmbh (Ilmenau), GOPA Consultants (Frankfurt);
  • Ukraine - Carpathian Foundation Ukraine; Association of Economic Development of Ivano-Frankivsk;
  • USA - Technology Innovation Group, Inc. (Austin); Texas University;
  • Turkey - Kirsehir National Educational Directory; Nevsehir Technical and Vocational School;
  • Greece - Prisma Center for Development Studies (Athens),
and many others.
Also, we cooperate with public authorities (local and regional) to develop different studies, like: Maramures County Action Plan for Innovation (2011 - 2020); Maramures County Strategic Plan (2007 - 2013); contribution for the development of the Regional Strategic Plan (2007 - 2013 and 2014 - 2020). In 2014 we established, together with Maramures County Council and other public and private institutions / organizations, the Consortium for Development and Innovation of Maramures County.

We have been concerned about the development of other services within the organization: general and specialized consulting services; authorized training organization (entrepreneurial skills, project management - basic and improvement) and other training modules (business plan, business administration, marketing, intellectual property protection, etc.); elaboration of business plans and feasibility studies, incubation of new businesses, information on EU matters, servicies regarding industrial property protection, development of publications and other informational documents.

Since 2004, the CDIMM Maramures Foundation is authorized organization at national level as a provider of vocational training for adults and can organize training courses in the fields of project management and entrepreneurial skills. Also, starting with December 2014, we are certified organization to provide information and counseling services and labor mediation services on the domestic market.
In 1998 it was created in Baia Mare a business incubator who was operational until 2013. We provided space for companies and other specific services for them.
Between 1999 - 2007 it was operational in our organization, Euro Info Centre Baia Mare RO824, who provided information, assistance, advice and documentation for SMEs. Euro Info Centre Baia Mare was part of the European network managed and financed by the European Commission / Directorate General Enterprise & Industry.
Since 2008, in the CDIMM Maramures Foundation, started Europe Direct Centre Maramures who provide to citizens from Maramures County specific information on European issues.

In 1999, we established in our organisation, the Regional Centre for Promotion and Protection of Industrial Property Maramures. The centre started at OSIM (The Romanian patent office) and CDIMM Maramures initiative and it is part of CDIMM Maramures Foundation. The centre is integrated in the Romanian national network, formed by 14 regional centres and it is co-ordinated by the OSIM Bucharest.