Through its activities, CDIMM Maramures Foundation is addressing to private persons wiling to start their own business, to SMEs that have a private programme and other NGOs

1. Business consulting
The staff of the CDIMM Foundation offer business consultancy to companies or private persons who request assistance in the following fields: start-up; financial consulting (financial analysis of the company status and evolution); business plan and fesability studies; the identification of the way and costs for the establishment of an enterprise; loan conditions in banks; etc.

2. Training and seminars
The CDIMM Maramures Foundation organize training courses in different fields of activities such as: business administration, business plan, marketing plan, industrial property protection, business development, SMEs management, etc.
Since 2004, the CDIMM Maramures Foundation is authorized organization at national level as a provider of vocational training for adults and can organize training courses in the fields of project management and entrepreneurial skills. Also, starting with December 2014, we are certified organization to provide information and counseling services and labor mediation services on the domestic market.

3. Elaboration of business plans and feasibility studies
Throughout, the CDIMM Maramures Foundation elaborates documentation or assists its customers in the preparing of documentation or investment programs. Collaboration is done on the basis of firm contracts, more assistance forms being possible: getting bank loans; getting grants; consulting for financing from investment funds; business development through joint ventures. CDIMM Maramures Foundation took part directly at many programmes, offering support to SMEs.

4. Information on european subjects for citizens
This activity is performed by Europe Direct Centre Maramures which is department of the CDIMM Maramures Foundation since 2008. This centre is member of the new Europe Direct network 2013-2017 and is coordinated at EU level by European Commission. In Romania, the network is coordinated by European Commission Representation in Romania.
The mission of the Europe Direct Centre Maramures is to promote and inform citizens from Maramures County. We provide information about the EU and its citizens at local level.

5. Activities in Industrial Property field through CRPPPI Maramures
- free access to the Romanian collection of Industrial Property Official Bulletins (printed by OSIM) for the following sections: Romanian Patents, Extended Patents, New Plant Species, Trademaerks, Indication of Origin, Industrial Design as well as foreign publications with regard to the intellectual property protection;
- consultancy regarding the protection of inventions, trademarks, indication of origin, industrial design, etc.;
- documentary researches on patents, trademarks, indication of origin, industrial design, etc.;
- researches on the risk of industrial property rights' counterfeit;
- consultancy regarding the intellectual property management.

6. Publications and other information materials 
CDIMM Maramures Foundation has an own publication, called "Jurnal CDIMM". It is published since 1995 and registered at the Romanian National Library with the ISSN –1454-7007. "Jurnal CDIMM" is published every month, distributed free of charge and has useful information for the business environment.

The collection of the "Jurnal CDIMM" is at the address:

Since 1999, the CDIMM Maramures Foundation has own publishing house called: "Editura Fundatiei CDIMM Maramures".