"The Development Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises" Maramures

About us

CDIMM Maramures Foundation was established in 1994, on the initiative of a group made up of the representatives of local authorities, public institutions, other organisations or private companies.


Through its activities, CDIMM Maramures Foundation is addressing to private persons willing to start their own business, to SMEs that have a private programme and other local or regional NGOs.


From the beginning, CDIMM Maramures Foundation has been involved in many projects (more than 100) aiming to support especially  SMEs and other NGOs with national or international partners.


The main office of the CDIMM Maramures Foundation:
9/16 Traian Blvd.
430211 Baia Mare, Romania
Tel/fax: +40-262.224870
e-mail: cdimm@cdimm.org

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